Magic! And the Boys who Love Me (Crazy Maple Studios)

Invited to join the College of Magic Studies, you're pulled into a world of romance, secrets, and spells. Fight monsters, build relationships, and uncover the mysteries of the island... and your own past!

As a Narrative Game Designer, Katie's work on the game includes main story updates, the explore expansion, and heading multiple holiday event storylines.

Download the game through the Apple Store or Google Play Story.



Santa, Baby!

Written by Katie Schenkel

Ivy has been unemployed for six months now, and she desperately needs to change that. Maybe that's why she's been applying even to companies she's never heard of. That's how she found herself on Halloween talking to a . . . quirky interviewer wearing an elf costume, of all things. But it's no costume and before she knows it, Ivy is transported to the North Pole! Turns out, Santa's Workshop is in need of her expertise with less than two months before Christmas. But the wildest thing to Ivy is meeting Santa Claus . . . And oh no, he's hot!

Play Santa, Baby! on the Storyloom website or the Storyloom app (Android and iOS).

Tools of Engagement Mobile Game

Tools of Engagement

Adapted by Katie Schenkel
Based on the novel by Tessa Bailey

"Three things that would turn your perfect life upside-down: 1) falling for Wes Daniels, the sexy cowboy-turned-construction worker raising an adorable little girl on his own. 2) leaving the family business and starting your own home renovation project from scratch on the worst, ugliest house in town. 3) Doing all of this... on reality TV!"

Tools of Engagement is available to play on the Maybe Interactive app (Google Play and Apple Store).